1961-66 » Formed the Directorate of Education (DoE).

1966 » Developed some English primers and readers, and textbooks in Chhoekey.

1966-71 » Developed History and Geography textbooks, and declared English as the medium of instruction.

1974 » Published Druk Readers and Druk and Drukpa Series as textbooks.

1976 » Developed the first National Education Policy document that formed the basis for all major curriculum development works thereafter.

1981-87 » Carried out major syllabus and textbooks revisions and improvement to address the national needs and aspirations.

1984 » Revised the National Education Policy formulated in 1976.

1985 » Established Curriculum and Textbook Development Division (CTDD).

1986 » Launched the New Approach to Primary Education (NAPE), a modern form of primary education that encouraged pupil participation and discovery learning. This approach replaced foreign curricula, and localized syllabi and textbook contents with a high degree of local orientation and relevancy.

1996 » Formed Curriculum and Professional Support Section (CAPSS) under the Ministry of Health and Education.

2000 » CAPSS shifted from Thimphu to the then National Institute of Education, Paro, which was then under the Ministry of Health and Education..

2003 » CAPSS became Curriculum and Professional Support Division (CAPSD) under the Ministry of Education when the Ministry of Health and Education was bifurcated into two separate ministries.

2010 » CASPD was upgraded to Department of Curriculum Research and Development (DCRD).

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